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Acrylic is the most durable form of enhancement. It's recommended for those with naturally weak and brittle nails. This is the most popular and hardest form of enhancement due to its durability and low maintenance.
Acrylic Full Set $30 & Up
Acrylic Full Set w/White Tip $40 & Up
Acrylic Overlay Full Set $30
Acrylic Full Set w Shellac $45 & Up
Acrylic Fill-Ins w/Shellac (Gelish) $40 & Up
Acrylic Fill-Ins $30 & Up


Pink & White Acrylic also called "Permanent French" or "Two-Tone".It is the most popular look among women. It is classic, clean, natural, shiny, and ready to go without the wait of polish to dry or polish wearing off. Its non-yellowing formula is done in a double process with white powder for free edge & pink powder for the nail bed.
Full Set (Pink & White Powder) $45 & Up
Fill-Ins (Pink & White) $45 & Up
Pink Fill Only $30 & Up
Full Set (Pink Powder w/White Tips) $40 & Up
Pink Fill w/Shellac (Gelish) $40 & Up


Color Powder Acrylic is a color Acrylic to brighten up Acrylic set or to make a Funky French Manicure (Pink powder & Color Powder Tip). It comes with many different choices of color.
Full Set w/Overlay (Full Colored) $45 & Up
Full Set (Full Colored) $45 & Up
Fill-Ins (Same Color) $35 & Up
Full Set w/Color Tips $50 & Up
Pink Powder Fill Only $30 & Up
Pink & Color Powder Fill-In (Change Color) $50 & Up


A new trend of polish. If you do many things with your hands, but can't keep polish on, this is just for you. Shellac is a polish with gel ingredients which is sealed off by LED light. This polish will not leave nails damaged. This will help your real nails grow to the length you deserve. Shellac polish will always be shiny and beautiful.NO DRYING TIME NEEDED.
Shellac Only $30
Shellac w/Manicure $40
Shellac French (White Or Color Tip) $35
Shellac French (White Or Color Tip) w/Manicure $45
Nails Arts $8 & Up


SNS Dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer, and no UV light.SNS is healthy your nails, unlike Gel or Acrylic that much thinner, lightweight, easy to do, and most importantly, help your nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kinds of Vitamins and Calcium.
Full Set (Pink & White) $50 & Up
NO Refill & Soak Off Will Be Charged $5


GELOUS SOAK-OFF COLOR POWDER is the one that is able to create the natural look of a French Color Tip and have multiple color designs with over 320 exceptional colors. It can be done on a real nail as Soak-off Manicure Gel or on SNS Natural Set with the choice of Half-Moon (French Color Tip) or whole nail. Gelous Soak-off Color Powder will last for more than 14days with a mirror finish while having damage to the bad nail and only requires 10 minutes to soak off in Acetone. Gelous Soak-off Color Powders are Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP Free.
Full Set Color Powder $40 & Up
NO Refill & Soak Off Will Be Charged $5


French Tips Polished $7
Nails Arts $8 & Up
Shellac $20 (Added)
French Manicure (with Service) $7
Nails Repair $3 & Up
Polish Change (Hand) $10
Polish Change (Hand w/White Tip) $15
Hot Stone Massage (5 Mins) $10 (Added)
Hot Stone Massage (10 Mins) $20 (Added)
Machine Massage (5 Mins) $10 (Added)
Machine Massage (10 Mins) $20 (Added)
Jelly $15 (Added)
Take Off Acrylic $10
Chrome Polished $40 (Added)
Polish Change (Feet) $15
Polish Change (Feet w/White Tip) $20


All metal implements are sealed in an envelope and sterilized in a steam autoclave similar to those used in dental offices. Your spa Unique attendants use a fresh bag of implements, opened exclusively for you. Our spa pedicure now comes with a system that provides, a deeply invigorating water a message, YES is simple to maintain and sanitize. It means there are no internal water lines or inlet screens to harbor bacteria, oil, or debris. A fully draining system leaves no stagnant water inside until to eliminate the chances of bacteria build-up, the infection has no opportunity to occur in our 100% sanitize spa basins.
Heavenly Unique $70

Manicure $30 /  Combo $95

(Included Callus Treatment-Hot Stone+Magic Wand Massage-Paraffin Wax, Hot Towels). This pedicure is just like its name, a high-quality product that will pamper you, it's relaxing and soothing. Your foot soaked with Bath Ball which looks like a scoop of ice cream, anti-aging exfoliating scrub, whipped moisturizing lotion, and hydrating clay mask along with an extended massage. Combines with hot towels and the longest vitamin hydrating butter massage. With 4 different scents: Lavender, Strawberry, Hawaii Forest, White Orchid.

Jelly Unique $70

Manicure $30 /  Combo $95

(Included Callus Treatment-Hot Stone+Magic Wand Massage-Paraffin Wax, Hot Towels). Jelly Pedi is that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscles and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combines with the fragrant oils in Jelly Pedi, moisturizes, and softens dry cracked skin. Aloe Vera extracts in Jelly Pedi act as a moisturizer, gentle enough for the sensitive skins. Compared to water jelly holds the water temperature four times longer. With 3 different scents: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Peppermint, Red rose, Milk & Honey.

Ginger & Lemon Sake Unique $70

Manicure $30 /  Combo $95

(Included Callus Treatment-Hot Stone+Magic Wand Massage-Paraffin Wax, Hot Towels). Immerse your tired and achy feet in a restorative bath of sake and ginger and feel the muscle tension literally melt away. Treasured by the geisha for its renewing properties, sake aids in the sloughing away dead skin cells while ginger stimulates healthy circulation. Following the application of our very own ginger scrub, your feet and lower legs will be cocooned in a ginger rich yogurt mask and finished with a warming ginger lower leg and foot massage. Finally, your nails and cuticles will be detailed and polished, revealing feet even a geisha would envy.

Milk Honey With White Chocolate $65

Manicure $30 /  Combo $90

Included: (Callus Treatment, Hot Stone Massage, Hot Towels+Paraffin Wax). As a part of our Organic Pedicure line, Unique Nails and Spa is able to offer a relaxing and unforgettable pedicure experience. Relieve your aches and pains while combating fatigue and exhaustion after a long day with refreshing Milk Honey with White Chocolate Pedicure. Allow one of our skillful nail technicians to serve you. You deserve it!

Ready To Dance With $90

Manicure $30 /  Express Facial $35 / Combo $150

(Coconut+Tequila) (Lemon+Honey+Tequila) (Pineapple+Tequila)

Included : (Callus Treatment, Oil-Hot Stone+Magic Wand massage, Hot Towels+Paraffin Wax) 

What's more fun than drinking a shot of Tequila in Mexico? Soaking in one in Mexico!!! Kick-off flip flops and enjoys a soak in peppermint essential oils, slices of succulent citrus, sea salt, and a shot of Tequila...for your feet. Belly up to the Bar for your (Coconut)(Lemon Honey)(Pineapple) self-buff. After your toes truly intoxicate, we will take special care that a hangover isn't imminent. Relax, and let us quench your thirsty feet with Tippy Toes margarita masque. Respond to the last call with a staggering massage. Enjoy your day!

Walk On The Beach With $90

Manicure $30 /  Express Facial $35 / Combo $140

(Mango+Honey) (Coconut+Honey) (Pineapple+Honey)

Included: (Callus Treatment, Oil-Hot Stone+Magic Wand Massage, Hot Towels+Paraffin Wax).

Ahh, the aromas os tropics.. a deliciously sweet experience begins with a tantalizing (Mango)(Coconut)(Pineapple) with Raw Honey and sea salt soak. Be allured by the call of the sea; held captive and teased with this magnificent (Mango)(Coconut)(Pineapple) salt scrub. Close your eyes, and hear the sound of the waves. Experience the gentle cleansing and exfoliation while we condition your skin with tender massage. A cooling masque is designed to draw impurities out of the skin and gently tighten and firm. Relax with deep, penetrating massage and get swept away in the tropical pleasure of Mazatlan.

Unique's Royal Champagne & Rose $85

Manicure $30 /  Express Facial $35 / Combo $140

(Included Callus Treatment-Paraffin Wax-Hot stones or Magic Wand Massage-Hot towels-Herbal Bowl Soak).This luxurious treatment will help rejuvenate tired legs and feet, leaving your feeling totally pampered and ready to take on the world. A delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine is an awesome treatment for your feet. Let's start to soak your feet with a splash of Champagne Rose Mineral Bath with mini hot stones, followed by a Champagne and Rose scrub, European rose mud mask wrap followed by a hot stone massage and machine massage with Champagne and Rose Butter Cream. Finally dipping your feet in warm paraffin wax treatment and hot towels. Great for Bridal Parties!

Unique's Royal Chocolate & Red Wine $85

Manicure $30 /  Express Facial $35 / Combo $140

(Included Callus Treatment-Paraffine Wax-Hot Stones or Magic Wand Massage-Hot towels-Herbal Bowl Soak).Are you having a chocolate craving? We have your chocolate "fix" and we promise it will be calorie FREE! Introducing our fine Chocolate Spa Pedicure..indulge in a luxurious treat for your feet splash around in Chocolate Mineral foot bath followed by a Chocolate Mousse Mask. Enjoy a hot stone massage and machine massage with Chocolate Butter Cream, followed by a warm paraffin wax treatment and hot towels. Your decadent feet never felt so full-filling after soaked in Red wine and Relaxing Oil with mini hot stones. Chocolate & Red Wine pedicure utilizing cocoa for a nourishing, slimming, and relaxing treatment.

Unique's Royal Lime Sorbet & White Wine $85

Manicure $30 /  Express Facial $35 / Combo $140

(Included Callaus Treatment-Paraffin Wax-Hot stones or Magic Wand massage-Hot towels-Herbal Bowl Soak).The Lime Sorbet will then soften the skin. A dip in our paraffin wax and hot towels and a Lime Sorbet with Sea Butter extract will soften, and the coconut extract will invigorate your feet. Traditional pedicure complete with a foot soak in Coconut Oil, Fresh Lime Slices, and Mini hot stones, cuticle, and Callus work, exfoliation, cooling, and moisturizing mask, followed by hot stones massage and machine massage. Sit back and enjoys asthisexquisite treatment takes you away and leaves you feeling an overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation.



Princess Manicure $15
Polish Change (Feet) $5 & Up
Polish Change (Hand) $5 & Up
Shellac Only $20
Shellac w/Manicure $30
Chrome Nails $55 & Up
Princess Pedicure $20 & Up
Nails Design $8 & Up
Princess Manicure & Pedicure (Combo) $30

(2-8 yrs)

Junior Pedicure (9-11 Yrs) $25 & Up
Dipping Nails (7-11 Yrs) $35 & Up